About TTW

About TTW

To The Wild is the kid we all used to be. The endless will to explore. Looking at the world with new eyes every time. Wear a rug to become a superhero straight away. To build, a whole castle, with just a cardboard box. To feel like climbing up the highest tree. Sail across the seven seas with your feet by the shore. To The Wild is, to stand before the world with the look of the kid you used to be.

To The Wild is a small brand of deco products targeted at children but totally suitable for those adults who still keep that childhood spark alive in their hearts.

All our products are designed and produced in Spain, in a small spot in Asturias. They have been handcrafted in small batches and we have always tried to collaborate, to the extent possible, with local suppliers and nearby workshops, because we understand how important it is to support your local community and promote local economy, minimising the environmental impact of our actions.

Little by little, the demand for our products has increased, but we are still committed to this production method because we like to be part of every production stage, since we come up with the idea, create the patterns, tests and models, choose the fabrics or materials… until the product materialises in our workshop.


Apache from Zacateca lands

Diana was lucky to grow up in a small village, close enough to the shore that, as she opened up the window, the ocean’s smell entered through it.

Lucky enough to walk alone her way to school, to play the “three sailors to the sea” on summer nights.With a blanket and that round table got enough to build a fort and hide away from Currujedo, that monster up in the garret.

No way could she be found inside there.

As spring came alone, that hut was built outside, with the hugest cardboard box you could get, and a knife just to make the door and window’s holes.

And thereby, spent hours imaging tales and dreaming of faraway, impossible worlds, so real even though.

She always was a wilder!


Unicorns tamer

Lole was grown in an asturian village where, with weather’s allowance, could stare to the stars in the sky by bedtime and listen to the birds just before she woke up.

Quickly she learnt such important stuff for a kid as healing the itch from nettles with snail or getting crickets out the lair with a Straw or, even better, peeing on it!

She built her first hut with some sticks and an old grandma’s rug. With every chance, she ran away trekking nearby trails, and started to distinguish fox from board’s footprint, as she kept watch on those sneaky squirrels.

A wilder was on the make.